The recognition that there are only two genders, neatly separated and possibly even with traditional sexual orientation, is obsolete. Our sexuality, in the sense of our very own personal definition of our gender role, is no longer subject to a binary order, and is no longer even based on poles of sexual orientation. It was thanks to the American philosopher Judith Butler that we understood and made this manifest. Her book “gender trouble” represents a turning point in time. Now, just thirty years later, this turnaround is hardly questioned and a blog of this title would not have been surprising.

It looks different with the connection with the topic ‘generations’. A massive general conflict that reaches into the political arena hardly takes place. The generations seem more pacified than ever. In the best case mum and dad are even self-gender sensitized, right? No. My answer to the question of pacification of intergenerational conflicts is no. Clearly, the traditions and the continued customary subjugation of the heirs to the power of the parent generation in many cultures, especially ours, are the decisive factors of power that prevent a fundamental change and adaptation of views and attitudes, even if the justification is accepted already in general. Breaking the vicious circle of tradition from generation to generation is the true cultural revolution that does not mean destroying anything. Those who have achieved the freedom of independence from imposed traditions can do much better and much more sincerely to make the past useful to themselves and to explore, explain and experience on the foundation a new world of freedom.