The narcissism, the equality with God, the arrogance of men may have its origin in a historical fact: until the beginning of agriculture 10,000 years ago, males were not aware of their share in procreation. Until then this caused an exaggeration of the woman as the actual creative force in her ability to bear children. This new knowledge went hand in hand with the invention of writing. Both together led the previously humiliated man to a perverse exaltation of the masculine, which continues to this day and is illustrated in the sad figure of the narcissistic man.

The knowledge of the woman’s ability to give birth did not always exist either, but only since knowledge as a symbolic inscription has existed at all. Even a monkey or a dolphin does not “know” about the fertility of female animals (women), since the term “fertility” as well as all terms in general are lacking. Both man and woman are nothing more than symbolic inscriptions which, against the background of certain consistencies, here “the woman’s ability to bear children” and “the man’s ability to procreate”, can be placed quite arbitrarily on the empty container of “human existence”. Under no circumstances do inscriptions of any quality have the characteristics of a necessary. Although the inscriptions on the empty container take place against the background of these consistencies, there is no unambiguous function of the inscriptions based on these consistencies.

The narcissism of the man* is in this respect possibly an overcompensation of the previous inferiority complex towards women*. Moreover, because of the “findings” about “the woman’s ability to give birth” and “the man’s ability to procreate”, this drifting apart of male* and female identities fuels the binary gender logic as we find it today – despite the apparently existing counter-movements – almost to perfection. The current countermovements against binary gender logic exist precisely because binary gender logic has otherwise already risen to perfection. Just as organic food only exists because otherwise, organically produced products are almost non-existent. Before the invention of intensive agriculture, only organically produced food existed, so the idea of organic food as something special was not necessary. Neither did it need a nonbinary policy until binary policy had already won out in its entirety.