In the pilot projects, which are concerned with assigning people a measurable quantity such as a positive or negative score when events have occurred such as non-payment of a bill, China is taking the historically long effective model of bartering to absurdity: historical bartering was based precisely on a merely virtual settlement of the fault and the debts by punishing the debtor. This relationship also seems to have been restored in the pilot projects, but it is precisely through the aspired perfectionism of this relationship, an apparently “mathematically correct” relationship that leads to a single score, i.e. simply to a number, this apparently perfectly rational handling of the debt and the debt that leads the historically fundamental model to a point where it must finally burst. A model of barter driven to the extreme in this way leaves no more gaps and no more holes, forces the human being into a mould from which he comes out as a mere model of the human being, without any glitter and without any authentic desires. This model is so “crazy” that it must finally fail. And if it does not fail, it could only mean that the existence of man ceases to be the existence of man as we know it.